Happy birthday Rome!


Today is the birthday of the most famous city, which left to us a lot of historical landmarks. In fact, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 b.C. by Romulus, who killed his brother Remus and became the first Roman king.
I believe that all people have to reflect at least one minute upon the greatness of this city and its heritage, which shines on even now.
In order to celebrate this date, I would like to speak about the emperor who celebrated the one thousandth birthday of Rome (248 a.C) : Philip the Arab. He did not rule in a happy age, but nevertheless his celebration was absolutely great. In fact, according to the contemporary accounts, the festivities were magnificent. Not only theatrical representations were held througout the city, but also more than 1,000 gladiators were killed along with hundreds of exotic animals including hippos, leopards, lions, giraffes, and one rhinoceros. The event was so great that several works described the event, like Asinius Quadratus’s History of a Thousand Years, specially prepared for the anniversary.


Why do I publish all these posts about Romans? Roman culture is an idea, not only a boring thing that our teachers force to study. It is an idea of civilisation that we have to defend and to study, because it is related to our origin.


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