The Trajan’s Market

Hello everyone! It’s a long time since I’ve written the last article. I’m sorry for that but I was studying for an exam at my university and now I’m in Rome, visiting the best monuments in the world!
I would like to speak about the first mall in the world. In fact people strongly believe that malls are North – American modern inventions, but that’s not true! As always, Romans came up with a place where people could trade all different kinds of goods. In particular Trajan, one of the best Roman emperors, who built the Trajan’s Market in Rome. Trajan charged one of the most important architect of the Ancient Age, Apollodorus of Damascus, with building the Market. It was built in 100 – 110 AC and then inaugurated in 113 AC. I think it should be appointed as the first mall ever because there are a lot of small street shops in a covered building made of bricks and stone.
storia_slideshowThere’s an interesting question anyway: why did Trajan want to build a mall?
The answer is simple: at that time Rome had one million people and it was really difficult to supply it. That’s why Trajan firstly charged Apollodorus of Damascus with building a new harbour in Ostia, which is a city on the Tyrrhenian sea, close to Rome. A lot of ships loaded with wheat travelled from Egypt, Morocco and Libia to Ostia, in order to supply the ever – hungry city. All these ships unloaded their burdens in Ostia, where carriages departed to Rome everyday.
Afterward, Trajan wanted to build the Market so that it could have been possible to deal food and any other stuff out. Thanks to the new harbour and the Market, the 1 million people of Rome knew that there was food everyday. Considering that we are talking about a period of 2000 years ago, I think it should be considered a cutting – edge idea. Moreover, this is another proof of the Ancient Romans’ organization.

In the end, I believe that nowadays – rulers should adopt and consider how to deal with public services and organization.


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