Romans’ fruit (part 2)

Hello everyone! I’m sorry if I write only now, but I had to study a lot for some exames. But now I’m quite OK!
Today I’m going to finish the previous article about Romans’ fruit. So, let’s go deep into the topic!

Plum (cereum prunum)
It comes from the Caucasian region in Asia and it was widely known for its medical and purgative properties. The most famous plums were from Damascus, where they were pitted and exported all around the Roman

Cherry (prunus avium)
There were at least three qualities of cherries: the wild cherry in Europe, the sweet cherry from Turkey and the bitter cherry, which was got by a mix between the sweet cherry and the laurel oak.

Date (palmulae)
Dates were firstly remembered by the Greek poet Melanippides. They were really appreciated as exotic fruit both in Rome and Greece. Plinius made a list of 50 kinds of dates,, among them the most famouse were from Thebeth1D76C917s in Egypt and Jericho in Israel.

Grapes (uva)
Grapes were one of the most important fruit in the Ancient Age. One of the greatest doctor, Galen, said that a lot of people who only eat figs, grapes and bread were healthier than others.


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